The contents of arquiv@ - online archive of DRCN (Direção Regional de Cultura do Norte) are organized around two major groups of documentation:

• Administrative Archive;
• Audiovisual Archive

Each of these groups is subdivided into several subgroups, depending on the type of documentation and the organisation of the producing service itself.

From the home page it is possible to browse through the contents of each of these groups by selecting the options presented in the form of buttons. These options reflect the type of contents existing in each of the groups and guide the user to the desired documentation. From there, the user can browse the contents through the tree immediately above the description area, where the records are organised in a folder / subfolder / document logic.

It is also possible to access and browse the various types of records through the "Browse" menu, located at the top of all pages, to the left of the search box (alt text). In this case, the records are presented without any particular organisation.


The search can be done by typing the terms to search in the box at the top of any page of the application (alt text). In case you search for an expression with more than one term, the system will return records that contain all the searched terms, regardless of the field they are in, the order in which they occur and the location.

If you want to search for an exact expression, where a set of terms appear together in a certain order and in the same field, you must use quotation marks to delimit the expression (for example, “mosteiro de arouca”, or " igreja matriz de caminha "). It is also possible to use the asterisk character (“*“) to locate matches of zero to many characters, and the "?" character can be used as a wildcard for a single character. Note that the system is not case-sensitive.

In addition to this simple search, the advanced search option is available when you place the cursor over the box. Here it is possible to build more elaborate searches, combining several terms using the operators "And", "Or" and "Not", selecting the fields to be searched on, or getting only results with a digital object, for example.

It should be noticed that most of the administrative documentation was digitalized using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, so the searches also focus on the content of the documents themselves and not only on the descriptive metadata of the documentation.

The search results can be displayed as a list or in cardview mode and you can select the display mode by clicking on the buttons immediately above the results (alt text). In addition, it is possible to apply a set of filters on the results, available on the left side of the page, that allow you to reset the search by selecting only subsets of the initial result.


arquiv@ has a clipboard where you can save records that are stored during the session. To do so, click on the add to clipboard button (alt text), which is available on all pages where description records are displayed, regardless of the view mode. By default, these records are deleted when the user logs out or closes the browser.

The clipboard is accessed through the menu, located at the top right of the page, next to the language selection button (alt text).

In addition to saving the records added during the session, it is also possible to save them for future reference, or even to share them with other users, for 7 days, after which they will be automatically removed by the system. To do this, you must select the "Save" option in this area. The system assigns an identifier to the current content, an identifier that can be used later to reload these records during the 7-day period, either by the current user or by others with whom the ID is shared.

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